MDC Quickstart

An easy way to start using Material Design Components for the Web. This codebase is adapted from Google’s Getting Started guide on the official Material Design website.

How to start

There are three ways to start using the quickstart.

Installing the dependencies

This repository uses yarn as the package manager instead of the classic npm.

Yarn can be installed by running npm install yarn --global.

If you want to use npm instead, simply delete the yarn.lock file: rm -f yarn.lock.

To install the dependencies, run yarn install. If you’re using npm, run npm install.

Adding dependencies

To add dependencies with yarn, run yarn add <NAME> --dev or with npm, npm install <NAME> --save-dev.

Removing dependencies

To remove dependencies with yarn, run yarn remove <NAME> or with npm, npm uninstall <NAME>

Starting the development server

To start the development server, run npm start. You will then be able to preview the website live at

Building the website

To build the website, run npm run build.